Wednesday, January 16, 2019


Wow, it's been almost 5 years since I blogged! Hilarious reading the things I put in here so long ago. I do have a couple blogs in mind for the coming weeks. I enjoyed this blog as it was a way to vent about the annoyances in life... mainly people.

So here I am nearing 50 years of age. I still keep my hair long. Why not? It grows out the top of my head. Most people are more accepting of it these days. I hear the occasional light backlash to it but whatever. What's really funny is those who acknowledge it and run off some doppelganger bit to me. It's cool. I get a laugh at what people come up with, even if it's way off in my opinion.

Here I am with a couple longtime friends the other summer.

Now for a few short bits on what people have come up with as my doppelganger.

Early on in the Christmas season, Angie and I were at the old Canadian Tire up at the Crossroads (Weston and 401). This store is in dire need of an upgrade like most of the Canadian Tires have had. It truly is hell in that store and going that particular morning reminded me why I never go. I couldn't find what I was looking for and anything remotely similar was damaged. As I was looking in the section for window film to insulate some at home, I hear down the aisle in a light voice "Right on man, heavy fucking metal. Oz-man. Black fucking Sabbath." I ignore it. Then it gets louder. The person is right next to me. It's an older long haired guy in a trench coat. He looks like he's trying to sober up and he brushed his hair with a pillow before going out. He's like "fucking eh dude, you the Oz-man, Sabbath Bloody Sabbath" and he's throwing devil horns at me, then tries to fist bump me. I was in a mood, hating being in this store, especially since I was not finding what I needed to get. No air guitar, head banding, teeth grinding, devil horns up stuff from me. I was like "right on" and gave him that fist bump which he was really hoping for. He started with a bit of "generals gathered in their masses" and throwing some horns up again as I walked away from him. Right band. Wrong album. I'm laughing about this now.

Here is the Oz-man. I don't see the resemblance.

Not even as a young Ozzy.

One day while waiting in line at Tim Horton's, a couple guys ahead of me are chatting, one of them turns around and says "hey, it's Robert!" Okay, my name is Robert if one wants to be all official like but I have no clue who these guys are. I'm also not 100% certain they are talking about me. Turns out they were. Buddy goes, "hey Robert!" and he's looking right at me. I need coffee. I'm on my way to work. I am not in a social mood with silly strangers. I'm like "huh? How did you know my name?" He then says "you look like Robert Plant!" I reply with a puzzling "What?" He gets a disgruntled look on his face and says "You look like Robert Plant. You know, Led Zeppelin. You do know who Led Zeppelin is don't you?" I said "Of course I do. Plant is awesome. Thanks." Dude lets out a big heartfelt laugh and says "Right fucking on man, keep it going." then turns around back to waiting in line with his friend for their coffees. Now don't get me wrong, Robert Plant is one hell of a vocalist as is Led Zeppelin is one hell of a rock band... but I don't see it.

There was another who threw me looking like Robert Plant out there. A younger girl working in a video store. Angie was with me for that one. But I think I will leave that for her to tell if she chooses. Sorry babe, that memory just hit me.

Even this photo of Robert Plant with a dove, I still don't see it. I do love it though. Those who know me with all my Pigeon friends will get this.

More recently, another time waiting to get my coffee before work, I'm standing in line and I hear "Sister Christian is a great song." In my head I am like "oh fuck, what now?" Again I don't know if something is coming up but my gut tells me it is. I'm not acknowledging the guy until he says "hey Pepsi, do you like Night Ranger? You look like one of the guys from the band!" Jeezus! I told him I had never heard of that band and didn't know the song (yes I lied). I only knew that one song from the band and they never got my interest back in the day. In my head, along with some colorful words, I'm screaming "for the love of Lucifer and all things unholy!"

Pick me out of the bunch, I don't even know who the singer is...

Here's some others I've been told I look like.

Eric Martin from Mr. Big (2nd from the right). When their song "To Be With You" hit the video stations, that's when I heard this a fair amount from people, and from a couple even years later, many many years later. Great band. Great song. I don't see it though, not even with that video which was fun to watch again.

I think the age of the person really makes who they think I look like, going back to their music era. An old co-worker of mine said Peter Frampton and I were twins.

Back in the early 2000's when The Darkness were sort of popular, apparently Justin Hawkins and I were doppelgangers. I wasn't big on that band and envisioned a good throat punch to the person saying this.

I get David Coverdale of Whitesnake a lot ever since the Still of the Night days and even as recently as over the holiday season just passed. Another I don't see. It must be the hair.

The musician stated most often as my lookalike is Dave Mustaine of Megadeth.

Especially this photo really gets people going.

Too bad I don't have any images of me in that position feeding my bird pals in my old leather jacket. I only have images like these...

Twenty five years ago I know I would have gotten my back up at some of the people I've been told I look like. Now, well, whatever. Some are flattering. Some I just laugh at. It makes for interesting encounters with strangers and fun conversation with people I know.

Personally I don't see myself looking like anyone other than me. I never aspired to copy anyone's look. I'm just a part of the mass of long haired guys slowly dying off.

Do you have a doppelganger? If so, please tell me who it is.


  1. You have a gift to write. I don't think I have ever heard you swear. Funny.

  2. I used to have one here in town. Always told I looked just like a lady who worked at a store (long closed now) here.

  3. People are funny, aren't they? I kept scrolling back up to your photo up top to compare and, nope, I don't see the resemblance either. I think I must not be very observant but I didn't realize that long hair on men has become so unusual that people need to call it out and associate with someone. Bizarre. But I love the way you tell the story (especially the Night Ranger interaction.) As for my doppelganger, I look very much like a professor at McMaster - to the point where I showed my husband a picture of her and he asked when I'd had that photo taken. I laughed. Apparently I have a twin my parents didn't mention!